SUSTINVEST is an international investment company based in Belgium

SUSTINVEST was founded in 2015 by Joost Van Meerbeeck (Belgian, 1964), who spent most of his career at the investment company of HAL Trust, officially listed at Euronext Amsterdam N.V. (Ticker symbol: HALNA).

SUSTINVEST's strategy is focused on acquiring significant shareholdings in companies, with the objective of increasing long-term shareholder value. When selecting investment candidates SUSTINVEST emphasizes, in addition to investment and return criteria, the potential of playing an active role as a shareholder, board member and/or (restructuring) manager. SUSTINVEST does not confine itself to particular industries. Given the emphasis on the longer term, SUSTINVEST does not have a pre-determined investment horizon.

As a (co)investor SUSTINVEST also offers governance and corporate finance services, especially to foreign (co)investors. 

The name SUSTINVEST refers to the ambition to be a supportive, stable and sustainable shareholder and business partner.


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