As of 2021 SUSTINVEST plays an important role in the Leuven Institute for Advanced Study ( The purpose of LIAS is to conduct, with the help of international academic fellows, multidisciplinary research projects into today’s major challenges for society.

After months of preparation LIAS was presented to the public on November 2, 2021 in the Central Library of the University of Louvain. Speakers at the academic event included KU Leuven rector Luc Sels, Princeton IAS dean Robbert Dijkgraaf and a panel debate on the Covid-pandemic led by Isabel Albers (De Tijd) with Bruno Holthof (CEO University Hospitals Oxford), Prof Dr Geert Meyfroidt (UZ Leuven) and Corinne Vandermeulen (Sr R&D Lead GSK).

Both Joost Van Meerbeeck and Hilde Debois are currently active in the LIAS Executive Board.

Since its engagement with LIAS, SUSTINVEST has been regularly approached for involvement in similar initiatives. These requests are carefully evaluated but have not yet resulted in additional commitments.

LIAS (Leuven Institute for Advanced Study) (20 okt. 2021)

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