International investments

SUSTINVEST targets equity positions in companies or projects with leading and/or defendable market positions. As SUSTINVEST can invest alone or as the lead-investor of a group of like-minded co-investors (potentially also from its own network), there are no size-related or geographical investment criteria or constraints. SUSTINVEST is particularly interested in “special situation” investment propositions where it can add value, such as global expansion and migration (scale up), business model transformation, (financial) restructuring and/or distress, turnarounds, etc.

In financial transactions, partnerships or doing business in general, SUSTINVEST aims to be straightforward, fast and flexible, professional, fair and discrete.


SUSTINVEST started to build a portfolio of long term investments in 2016. Although SUSTINVEST aims for a leading investment or governance position, it also frequently invites co-investors that endorse SUSTINVEST´s investment and business principles.

Since its start, it has invested in a portfolio of renewable energy assets and development projects in the Benelux and EMEA (sold in 2019) and has invested in a number of world-leading technology companies (profitable scale ups). SUSTINVEST is also a co-investor in several equity GPs with an eye on direct co-investments.

SUSTINVEST is continuously analysing a number of international investment opportunities.

International investments

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