Since its involvement with LIAS, SUSTINVEST is regularly asked about interest in participating in analyses, experiences or perspectives on certain themes. This can go beyond the themes that LIAS is working on.

In order to address this in a more coherent and structured way, SUSTINVEST will start in 2022 with a regular blog and ad hoc analyses on a number of topics from its area of interest and experience.

After consultation with a few interested partners, the following initial blog themes were retained:

• Perspectives on investing in different asset classes

• The Dutch approach : reflections after 30 years of experience as an investor, manager, board member and thus “involved observer” in the Dutch economic, political and social system

• Climate change : based on 15 years of experience as an investor in and analyst of global renewable energy projects and funds 

• Aging population and the financial macro-environment: a.o. based on experience at pension funds

• China and other emerging markets: this will mainly draw on our 20 years of experience in the relevant countries

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